Upcoming and Past Events

Educators for Palestine Summer Series (July 2022)

The DSA BDS & Palestine Solidarity Working Group’ Education and Electoral Committee proudly announces our new project, Educators for Palestine! E4P’s first initiative is a series  of Zoom-based workshops for educators called, “Learning Toward Liberation: Rooting Our Pedagogy of Palestine in Humanity and Justice.” The series will take place over four Saturdays in the summer, starting July 9 and ending Jul 30. The four sessions will focus on inclusion of marginalized Arab and Muslim students; the history of Palestine and how it shapes the present; teaching materials, strategies, and resources; and navigating pitfalls and backlash. Experts on these topics will be the facilitators, and educators will receive an online folder of resources to use in their local contexts. 

The Educators for Palestine project will feature a variety of initiatives aimed at mobilizing educators and support staff to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their heroic struggle for liberation. The summer workshop series is the first, with much more to come. Stay tuned!

No Appetite For Apartheid Launch Call (May 2022)

Join us Saturday, May 7th at 5PM ET / 2PM PT for our kick-off call to launch the first National DSA BDS Campaign #NoAppetiteForApartheid

Join the call today to learn how we will be mobilizing our local DSA chapters to boycott Israeli food products and create Apartheid Free Stores in our areas. In occasion of Nakba Day, we are turning up the heat on the apartheid regime and taking apartheid out of our plates.

On the launch call we will present the vision for the campaign, share an Action Toolkit with resources to get started, and have a discussion with membership on how we can support you in bringing this campaign to your chapter.

You can register at: tinyurl.com/NoAppetiteForApartheid. This campaign calls for the boycott of a wide array of food products made in Israel. They include Sabra hummus, whose parent company (The Strauss Group) financially supports the Israeli occupation forces, and Pillsbury, which operates a factory in an illegal settlement in East Jerusalem.  In the past, the Strauss Group has reacted to pressure from BDS campaigns, including removing their support for the occupation forces from their website in 2010.

Let’s continue to show our distaste for apartheid by boycotting Israeli food products this Nakba Day and beyond.

YDSA Book Club: Palestine A Socialist Introduction (April – May 2022)

Join us for the first session of our YDSA & SJP book club on Palestine: A Socialist Introduction on April 16th! This will be a formative discussion space that will animate our organizing for justice in Palestine facilitated by authors and contributors of the book, as well as members of the BDS & Palestine Solidarity Working Group. It’s not too late to register! https://bit.ly/palestinebookclub 

We also have a 50% off discount code with @haymarketbooks that you will receive once signing up!

Naila & the Uprising National Film Screening and Discussion (April 2022)

Join us on Sunday April 3rd, 2PM EST // 11AM PST for a national screening and panel discussion of the film, Naila and the Uprising. This feature-length documentary chronicles the remarkable journey of Naila Ayesh and a courageous community of women organizers whose stories weave through the most vibrant, nonviolent mobilization in Palestinian history – the First Intifada in the late 1980s.

Sign up here: https://bit.ly/nailapanel

We are especially excited to have with us for our panel discussion the Palestinian activist who helped organize the first Intifada and the film’s namesake, Naila Ayesh, along with the Deputy Director of Just Vision, the film’s impact producer, Emma Alpert. Please share this opportunity with all as it’s an amazing film, and a great way to continue Palestine solidarity events beyond March’s global Israeli Apartheid Week of action.

For an Internationalist DSA Forum (March 2022)

Following the NPC’s illegitimate decisions to attempt to “decharter” our Working Group and ban our Steering Committee from leadership within DSA we invite all community members to join us this Sunday, March 27th for our Emergency Forum at 12PT // 3ET : For Palestine and An Internationalist DSA to build on the growing consensus of the Internationalist DSA Petition that demands better from the NPC and all of us in DSA. 

Speakers include Susan Abulhawa, leaders of our Working Group, Palestinian Youth Movement, DSA Afrosocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus, Falastiniyat, National Students for Justice in Palestine, Seattle DSA, and Boston DSA. 

Bigger Than Bowman: BDS and Electoral Accountability Forum (Feb 2022)

Join us Feb 5th at 12PM PT / 3PM ET / 10PM Palestine for our Bigger Than Bowman – BDS & Electoral Accountability Forum!

Following the NPC’s (DSA’s national leadership) failure to hold Bowman accountable for the deep material harm he has caused Palestinians while both a DSA member and DSA endorsed candidate, we will come together to discuss our path forward towards bottom-up electoral accountability that is much bigger than just Bowman.

We will be joined by organizers from Metro DC and Boston DSA’s to hear about the challenges and successes of their campaigns to pass electoral accountability resolutions and strengthen their candidate endorsement questionnaires regarding support for BDS in their chapters. We will also be joined by organizers of the Palestinian Youth Movement to hear how crucial it is for DSA chapters to institutionalize red-lines on support for BDS and Palestinian liberation in our organizing.

Then we’ll have a Q&A and share resources for political education, bds campaigns, candidate questionnaires and trainings, and more that are available to DSA chapters!

BDS and Electoral Accountability Forum (December 2021)

Join us on December 11, 2021 at 2PM EST // 11AM PST for a Forum to discuss BDS and Electoral Accountability within DSA. Specifically we will focus on the BDS & Palestine Solidarity Working Group’s Accountability Campaign with Rep. Jamaal Bowman and the grassroots calls for accountability for his violation of the BDS picket line, normalization and propaganda trip to Israel, and his funding of the Israeli military and apartheid regime. 

We will be joined by speakers from our Working Group, Madison DSA, National Students for Justice in Palestine, the DSA Immigrants Rights Working Group, brian bean a co-editor of Palestine; A Socialist Introduction, the DSA Afrosocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus, and the DSA National Political Committee. 

BDS School 2021 (August 2021)

Join the Democratic Socialists of America BDS & Palestine Solidarity Working Group’s first BDS School kicking off on August 21st! We will be joined by the top BDS organizers and trainers around the world to create a space of education, conversation, and mobilization around Palestine solidarity work through the lens of the BDS movement and socialism.

This BDS School is open to folks of all Palestine organizing experience levels, but make sure to sign up NOW because attendance is capped!!

DSA, BDS, and Palestine Solidarity: A Panel Discussion
Saturday, February 6th, 2021
3:00 PM EST / 2:00 PM CST / 1:00 PM MST / 12:00 PM PST


Palestinian liberation and solidarity is not only a humanitarian issue, nor is it only a Palestinian issue. Palestine is a political issue with serious consequences at stake for both Palestinians and average US residents. As socialists, we recognize the interconnectedness of our struggles under capitalism.

In solidarity with Palestinian civil society’s nonviolent struggle for equality, human rights, and self-determination, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) adopted a resolution at its National Convention in 2017 in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. In 2019, DSA reaffirmed its commitment to the BDS movement by voting to establish a BDS and Palestine Solidarity national working group.

Join us on February 6th for a moderated discussion and Q&A event with special guests, including co-founder of the BDS Movement Omar Barghouti, to discuss the growing and vibrant global BDS Movement, Palestine solidarity, censorship, and how you can fight back! Co-sponsored by the DSA National Political Education Committee.