BDS Pledge Cards

The DSA BDS & Palestine Solidarity Working Group is calling on community members and DSA-ers across the country to pledge to support the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Movement by signing a BDS pledge card – you can sign one online RIGHT NOW

Similar to union cards, BDS pledge cards are physical cards where DSA members and our friends in the community can show support and commitment for  BDS. If you would like to request BDS pledge cards for your chapter, please fill out this form and we will mail them out to you.

Whether you choose to sign online, or to order physical cards for your chapter, you will be taking the first step toward making a conscious effort to join in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for liberation! 

The power in BDS Pledge Cards Campaign is the opportunity to bring awareness of BDS and to build relationships with different members of our chapter and communities. This is a tool that can be used along with other actions and campaigns, and combined in creative ways based on your local context to pull existing DSA members into internationalist work, as well as to recruit new members to DSA!

Become a card carrying member of the BDS movement today and get others to join you! 

Use the #DSA4BDS hashtag to spread the word on social media! 

For more information, check out this one-pager about Pledge Cards!